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Free Bonus Vocal Warm-Ups

Are you ready to warm up your voice? There are three levels to choose from below: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. No matter which level you choose, each exercise will help your voice become more flexible and prepare you for your upcoming voice lesson through the Complete Online Vocal Program, rehearsal, or performance.


These exercises cover a variety of concepts, including improving your vocal agility and power. While each exercise has its own focus, they all help to wake up and energize your voice. Plus, incorporating different principles into your warm-up routine will only make it even better!

Most importantly, have fun with these exercises. Don't expect perfection out of the gate. The point is to keep going - consistency is key - and overtime you should see improvement!

Warm-Ups: Beginner

Sing through these warm-ups as many times as needed to really master them. It may take some time but there is no rush to this process of growing as a singer & performer. Have fun with it! 

Warm-Ups: Intermediate

These are a follow-up to the beginner exercises and move at a much faster pace. Once you've mastered these, move on to the advance exercises. Note: any of these exercises are good for keeping your voice in shape, so continue to reference the ones you enjoy most on a regular basis.

Warm-Up: Advanced

Sing through these warm-ups as many times as needed to really master them. The process of developing as a vocalist and performer may take some time, but keep it fun!

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