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Voice Activated Podcast is for people who are passionate about singing and aspire to improve their vocal abilities while gaining valuable insights into the music industry. Here are some key features and topics you can expect:

1. Expert Interviews:  We  bring in seasoned professionals from the music industry, vocal coaches, and accomplished artists to share their knowledge, experiences, and tips for success.

2. Actionable Advice: You can look forward to practical and actionable advice that you can immediately apply to enhance your singing skills and develop your career in music.

3. Inspiring Stories: We'll showcase personal stories of artists who have overcome challenges and achieved their goals in the world of music, offering motivation and inspiration to our listeners.

4. Motivation: Our podcast is all about encouraging you to unlock your vocal potential. We'll share strategies and motivation to help you stay committed to your singing journey.

5. Guiding Motto: "Turn on the Singer in You!" is our guiding motto, reminding you to embrace your inner singer and strive for excellence in your vocal endeavors.

Whether you're an aspiring singer, a seasoned performer, or simply someone who loves music, our podcast aims to provide you with a fun, informative, and inspirational experience that helps you grow and thrive on your path to becoming the singer you've always wanted to be.



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