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Worship leader, author, vocal instructor and speaker, Natalia Chase, recently released her first full-length record of original music called More. After appearing as a finalist on Fox 28/ABC 6’s reality show “Pepsi’s Gimme the Mic” and receiving radio airplay on Sunny 95 for her original pop tune “Steady Like the Rain,” she took a hiatus from the recording scene to focus on leading worship in her local church.


During this time, she developed a passion for writing worship tunes with a modern feel and sound Biblical basis. Using this inspiration, she paired up with well-versed Los Angeles based producer, Colin Boyd, to create an album of Gospel/Christian worship songs touting the latest “house” vibes, R&B rhythms and lyrical sentiments braving some of her deepest and most vulnerable responses to God.


As the recording process progressed, she began to feel a nudging from God to pen a book that would accompany the record; she titled it More: A Devotional Companion to the Worship Album. In it, she opens up about some of her deepest failures in light of God’s mercy and greatest triumphs in view of his grace. Her hope is that readers and listeners alike will find a piece of their own story woven into the words and melodies of these two works.


Ultimately, it is her prayer that God will meet each person like only he can, and they will find rest in his presence and hope for what’s to come!


Grab your copies of both the  record & book right here!

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