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Natalia Chase (Vocal Instructor with VoiceActivated, LLC. and worship leader) has a passion for coming alongside worship pastors and leaders as they look to help their teams reach their vocal potential. Her instruction has proven to help hundreds of singers improve their range, power, consistency, pitch, tone, and agility. During each workshop, she also weaves in content from her experiences as a worship leader (and/or staff member) in both small and mega-church environments, which highlight the importance of team unity, personal spiritual growth, developing a spirit of excellence, increasing audience engagement, and the Biblical impact of worship "after Sunday's service".

In the above video content, Natalia provides you with a small taste of her informative and enthusiastic instructional style.


Once you determine which option is best for your team, please click below to view Natalia's real-time availability and book your workshop:



E-mail natalia@nataliachase.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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