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Week 1: Group Classes 

Week 2: Online Vocal Program 

Week 3: Group Classes 

Week 4: Private Lessons


  • When there are holidays that impact the group classes, we will make sure to swap the affected group class with the Online Vocal Program lesson week. This way, we prioritize the group classes and allow students to work around their own schedules with the Online Vocal Program during holiday weeks.

  • The same is true for private lessons: if they are impacted by a holiday, we will make sure to swap the affected private lesson with the Online Vocal Program lesson week, making room for you to complete your Online Vocal Program lesson at your leisure around the holidays.

*Please remember, private lessons are use-it-or-lose-it and make-up lessons will not be available in this format.


**Make-up lessons are not available for group classes unless Vocal Coach needs to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances.

***We will still maintain a 4-week-per-month vocal schedule, with the 5th week reserved as a break (only when there are 5 lesson weeks in a month).

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