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Have you ever arrived at a gig only to discover that in-ear monitors or something as simple as water were not provided? ​​


You are not alone! ​


Here is a fast list of the top 9 items that every vocalist should bring in their gig luggage to ensure they are never caught off guard!


Gig Bag List...

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KZ ZSN In-Earphones

These in-ear monitors are just as good as the several hundred dollar ones for a fraction of the price. You need these in your life.

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3.5 mm Stereo Cable

If you ever need to play a track from your phone during a performance, this will allow you to plug into the sound system.

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Paper Clips

They come in handy for outdoor gigs so you can clip your lyrics & charts to your music stand & they won't blow away.

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Brita Water Bottle

This water bottle filters water right off the you never run out of purified water at your gigs. A new favorite of ours!

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iPhone Adapter

If you do need to wire into a sound system from your phone, you will also need an adapter to connect your iPhone and then the 3.5 mm stereo cable.

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AA Batteries

You'll inevitably need AA or 9V batteries to power your wireless mic or in-ear pack at some point. 

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These come in handy during band rehearsal so you can make notes on your charts and lyrics. We love these because they don't bleed or smear.

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Stereo Adapter Converter

Most of the time, you will need to attach a converter to your 3.5 mm stereo cable in order to plug into a system. This 4-pack will cover all your bases!

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You'll inevitably need AA & 9V batteries to power your wireless mic or in-ear pack at some point. 

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