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...After working for many years to obtain my dream job, I was disillusioned to find that an emptiness accompanied my success. Where would I go now that the dream I had worked for since childhood had been realized? When I reached my next goal, would I be left with the same sinking “there’s got to more to life than this” feeling?

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This book is my attempt at pushing all the chips in and dedicating every resource, skill, and experience I have toward finding the solution to the aching hole I felt inside. And, finally, put to bed the age-old question of what, if anything, could provide me with emotional, spiritual, and mental rest during this trip we call life.

I could think of no other place to start than by looking back over my entire life to identify the moments in which I had been the most fulfilled.  In the very lowest lows and the very highest highs, I started to see an amazing pattern.  God was present in each scene!


Hmmm. He was, however, also there in the background when I felt the sting of unfulfillment.


Could it be that my level of devotion to Him makes a difference?

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In my quest to understand the “difference,” I penned an eight-chapter devotional chronicling a life-long survey of my deepest failures and greatest triumphs, alongside Biblical truths that have helped me process this important question.

Together with other gifted songwriters, including my brother Colin Boyd, a music producer, I also co-wrote eight songs, one for each chapter. When words were lacking, each song not only helped me process my thoughts but also my emotions on the subject. 

Image by Aaron Burden

As I transparently share my journey in these reflective devotions and songs, I hope that you will find a piece of your own story woven into each page. And as you do, I pray that God will meet you, just as He met my doubts, fears, failures, insecurities, and longings to satisfy what I believed to be an unquenchable desire for more...

It turns out that pursuing "more" is not always a negative thing...


...My initial idea of "more" was just misguided...


Open Book

...So with that, I present to you "more: A devotional companion to the worship album"...

...May it bless you, refresh you, open your eyes to new possibilities, and ignite a flame of hope that can only be found in the "one thing" that can satisfy...

eBook $3.99


Powerful and thought provoking!

This devotional is well written and definitely thought provoking. The description used makes you feel present and involved with what the author is sharing. It is the perfect length, that even those who may not usually be a "big reader" would be willing to pick this one up. Happy Reading!

Inspiring, comforting & hopeful!!

This devotional is a great read. Natalia is very personable & passionate in her writing. The album & the book are a must! I would not do one without the other. I feel it brought me closer to HIM in some ways & I experienced healing in other areas of my life as a result! The book & the worship album left me wanting MORE!

Lord, help me to fix my thoughts on You.

I will be honest. At first I thought that this book would simply, yet beautifully, describe the story behind each of Natalia’s songs. And in some respects it does. But it surprisingly does so much more. Each chapter is like listening to a close friend that always points you towards Jesus and provides thought provoking questions that take you deeper into a discovery of where you are in your walk of faith. While it is short enough to be completed in one sitting, it also is written to become the guidepost for your daily devotions in the morning.

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