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Beginner, Intermediate, & Advances Singers, start your journey to vocal excellence today with our "Vocal Coach Express" option, available for only $7!


Here's how it works: Submit a 30-second voice memo of your singing, and Vocal Coach Natalia will promptly respond with a personalized 1-minute vocal coaching voice memo.


She'll also recommend the most suitable section of our comprehensive "Complete Online Vocal Program" to help you refine your vocal skills, enhance your performance, and ensure that your practice time is both effective and well-directed.

Vocal Coach Express | Upload a File of You Singing & Get Coached

  • After making your purchase, you will receive an email receipt confirming your Vocal Coach Express order. To submit your 30-second singing audio for personalized coaching, follow these simple steps:

    1. Record Your Singing: Use your voice memo app on your phone to create a clear and concise 30-second audio clip of your singing. Ensure that the recording includes the specific part of the song where you'd like to receive coaching.
    2. Open your email inbox and locate the receipt from Vocal Coach Express.

    3. Simply hit 'Reply' to the email receipt.

    4. Attach your 30-second singing audio file to the reply.

    5. Hit 'Send.'

    Our vocal coach will promptly review your submission and send you a coaching voice memo via email to help you tune up your vocals and enhance your singing skills. Get ready to sing and shine! 🎤🌟

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