Hello Future Vocal Student!


We can't wait to help you grow as a singer and performer. In this powerful video based vocal course, VoiceActivated Vocal Instructor and Owner, Natalia Chase infuses all the tried and true vocal concepts she's used over her many years of teaching into a format you can access over and over again.


Each module consists of multiple videos and exercises focusing on various techniques ranging from increasing vocal power, agility, range, and breath control to developing vocal consistency.


Additionally, this course is very "concept" based, meaning you will learn specific vocal techniques that you can apply to any song. So, if you want a step-by-step vocal program taught by an experienced coach with proven results, then "The Complete Online Vocal Program" is for you!


Module 1

Reducing Breathiness & Increasing Vocal Power

Full content available after purchase.

Module 1: Intro

In this lesson, we will lay the framework for how to reduce breathiness & increase vocal power.

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M1: Deep
Dive 1, Part A

This lesson helps you learn to incorporate using your diaphragm while singing your song of choice.

This video covers the "Z to Lyric" exercise.

M1: Deep
Dive 1, Part B

This lesson discusses phasing the Z's out once you have mastery of the diaphragm.

M1: Deep Dive 2

Humming on an "N" can also help you learn to sing with more power.

M1: Deep Dive 3

This lesson covers both the Balloon and Transition Words exercises which help you continue developing new muscle memory - allowing you to sing with less breathiness and increase your overall vocal power.

Module 2

Increasing Range &

Vocal Freedom

Full content available after purchase.

Module 2: Intro

In this lesson, we will lay the framework for how to improve your range and increase your overall vocal freedom.

M2: Deep Dive 1 
Me, May, Ma Exercise

This lesson helps you understand how to incorporate getting to your vowel sounds (your most open & free sounds) into the lyrics of the songs you are working on.

M2: Deep Dive 2
Sliding up to High Notes

Sliding up to a high note is one way to reduce tension and that dreaded "reaching" sound.

In this lesson, we cover the 3rd, 5th, & Octave exercise. This exercise helps us learn to slide as we are approaching high notes and helps us maintain a more free sound.

M2: Deep Dive 3

Let's put these "vocal range increasing" concepts together in DD3.

M2: Deep Dive 4

The low note before the high note can impact the high note negatively; in this lesson, we address how to fix this issue and increase vocal consistency surrounding high notes.

M2: Deep Dive 5

DD5 demonstrates how to connect consonants from neighboring words to gain a more free sound.

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